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General sales conditions

• Identification
Company name   GUETTY SUN
Legal status and capital   SARL
Manager last name   PINEL FEREOL
Manager first name   Huguette
Head office   1 IMPASSE DES LARRIS
Zip code   91310
Country   FRANCE
Offices / sales premises   44 Chemin de la Joutte
Phone   00 33 6 85 93 13 44
Web site   guetty
Opening hours   9h - 17h
Intracommunity VAT No.   FR13513539502
Siret No.   513 539 502 00031
APE/NAF code   4791B
Num CNIL   1375313
Hébergeur du site   Doyousoft
17 Place Pierre Sémard
34500 Béziers
Directeur de publication   Huguette PINEL FEREOL

General conditions of sale


The website “GUETTYSUN.COM” is the property of GUETTY SUN in its totality, as are all of the related rights therein. Any reproductions, integral or partial, are systematically subjected to the authorisation of the owners.


1.      Company details


Company:  GUETTY SUN Limited Liability Company

Company with the capital of 7 000 euros, having its head office at:

5 rue Jules Lefebvre, 75009 Paris,

Registered with the RCS of Paris under the number 513,539,502 00015.

Tel.: +33 (0) 1 44.63 04 42


2.      Applications of the General terms of Sale


The customer acknowledges the particular terms and conditions of sale stated on the screen at the time of placing an order, and expressly accepts these without reserve. These general terms of sale will prevail on all subsequent conditions, appearing in any other document, except with prior, express and written exemption.


3.      Validity of the offer


The articles displayed on this site are available only while stocks last.

In the event of an ordered and paid-for item being unavailable, GUETTY SUN will refund the Customer in full within a period of 15 days.


GUETTY SUN is committed to alerting the Customer by email if an order is placed for an item that is out of stock...


4.      Product presentation


         All products are described and presented with the greatest possible care.


         GUETTY SUN does not take responsibility for any errors or omissions that may occur in this website.


         Photographic illustrations herein represent an indication of the products and do not enter into the contractual



5.      Product prices


        All prices are presented in euros, inclusive of tax.  The amount of the VAT is indicated during the selection of

        a product by the Customer. If the VAT rate is suddenly modified, these changes will be reflected in the total

        price of the articles, without the customer being previously informed.


              GUETTY SUN reserves the right to modify prices, but all products will be invoiced at the price stated
          at the time of ordering.


6.    Orders and security payment


       6.1:    Payment


      The customer confirms her/his order as follows. This validation involves the acceptance of these general terms

      of sale.


      When the customer sees an article of interest on the GUETTYSUN.COM website, she/he should follow these

      simple steps to establish an order:


      Click on the « More information » link to make choices about colour, quantity, size, price, etc., then click on the

      « Select » box displayed onscreen.  Confirm these choices by clicking on the « Add to basket » box.  Click on

      « Select a country », to highlight the delivery destination from the pull-down list.  Orders are finalised by

      following he link « Go to secure checkout ».


      If the customer wishes to benefit from a special offer voucher, she/he must first enter the code provided for

      this purpose, in the designated field.  At the time of her/his first order, the customer must complete an online

      form, containing the following information:  title, name, delivery address, email, and phone number. The     

      customer must also create a personal password for access to her/his account.

         The customer is charged for any purchase on the day of the processed order. The payment is carried
         out either by credit/debit card from a bank carrying the initials CB, MasterCard, Visa, or American 
         Express, SPPLUS, American Express or PAYPAL, in a completely protected environment.


      The order will only be successfully processed when the relevant payment centre approves the transaction. If

      the transaction is not approved, the order will be automatically cancelled and the customer will be alerted by



      In addition, GUETTY SUN reserves the right to refuse orders from any customer with whom litigation exists.

      Any  bank card payments made for purchases that are not immediately delivered following the order will be 



      Unfortunately, GUETTY SUN does not accept payments made by check.


      Online credit card payments

      The Customer must confirm her/his delivery and invoicing address, the product and the total price. She/he

      provides her/his bank card number with the expiry date (and code CVX).


      She/he finally validates the order by clicking on the “Confirm” box.

      Your bank details are forwarded to your finance company in a secure environment. Payment is carried out 

      directly via the customer’s bank.  Private bank details are not shared with personnel at GUETTYSUN.COM.


      When the order is authorised, the payment is immediately processed electronically. The bank will issue an

      electronic certificate which will be proof of the amount and the date of the transaction in accordance with the

      provisions of articles 1316 and following of the civil code (France).


      6.2:    Non-payment


      GUETTY SUN reserves the right to refuse to serve any consumer who has outstanding debts for purchases

      made at GUETTY SUN.COM. or who is involved in litigation over payment.


       6.3:    Checking of the payments


       GUETTY SUN controls all the orders which were made on this site. These controls aim at protecting

       GUETTY SUN from abuses operated by defrauders.


       The customer must upon request, be able to provide documentary proof of her/his residence and identity, or

       documentary proof of residence of the name of the person indicated in the delivery address etc… These

       requests will be made where necessary by e-mail:


      - For orders to be sent to a delivery address different to the billing address

      - For new customers

         - For orders higher than 150 Euros

  7.      Identification


        Customers will be asked to choose a password that can be used at GUETTY SUN every time any new

        purchases are made.  This will avoid the unnecessarily repetition of entering details for subsequent orders.


        Customers previously registered are recognized on the site as being GUETTY SUN clients.


        The customer’s password at GUETTY SUN is strictly confidential and personal.  It should not be revealed or

        communicated to others.


        The Customer expressly authorises GUETTY SUN to store customer identification, email address and

        password on a hard drive, in the customer files and in a “cookie” file, designed to facilitate identification.


8.      Delivery


        8.1: Metropolitan France, Corsica, Belgium and Luxembourg


        For Belgium and Luxembourg, it is necessary to add two days onto the times indicated below. Articles are

        normally delivered within a maximum period of seven working days from the day of order, notwithstanding

        any unforeseen external circumstances beyond the control of GUETTY SUN.


        If the customer chooses the express service, the delivery period is reduced to 48 hours notwithstanding

        unforeseen circumstances.


        8.2:    French Overseas Departments and French Overseas Territories


        Delivery is carried out within a maximum period of nine working days from the ordering, notwithstanding any

        unforeseen external circumstances beyond the control of GUETTY SUN.


        The customer will receive her/his parcel with the enclosed receipt.


 9.            Refund policy.


         All articles bought online at GUETTYSUN.COM may be exchanged or refunded.  In the event of exchange

         or refund, the returned article must be intact, in new condition and in its original packaging, accompanied by

         any related accessories and paperwork, to the following address:


         GUETTY SUN

         5 Rue Jules Lefebvre

         75009 PARIS

         Tel.: 00 33 1 44 63 04 42.


         Your purchase is final after a period of seven days (from the delivery date of the articles).


         If the customer wishes to return purchased articles within this period, GUETTY SUN will refund of the

         amount paid, without charge (except for the cost of return). Refunding is due within a 15 day maximum



         It is highly recommended to preserve the postal receipt. GUETTY SUN cannot accept responsibility for the

         loss or damage to products in transport.


10.        Returned items due to non-delivery


         Items may not be delivered to the customer for the following reasons: the client is unknown at the stated

         address, or the goods are unclaimed, refused, damaged during transport, or stolen…


         10.1:  Returns due to due to “unknown at this address”, (or NPAI):


         The goods will be returned to GUETTY SUN by the contracted delivery service if it is marked with the

         comment:  Not known at this address (or NPAI).


         10.2:  After the return of your goods, GUETTY SUN will contact the customer in order to redirect the

         purchased items to her/him; if the product is still available.  Alternatively, a full refund will be offered for

         the items if the customer prefers.


         GUETTY SUN reserves the right to refund rather than redirecting the articles if several items have been

         returned due to wrongful address.


         10.3:  Returns due to “REFUSED” (or REFUSE):

         You rejected your parcel at the time of the delivery.


         After return of your goods by our services, a purchase order will be credited to the clients' account within

         72-hours. You may cancel your order and obtain a full refund by contacting the administrative services of

         GUETTY SUN.


         In the event of a parcel being returned marked “Unknown / NPAI” or “REFUSED / REFUSES”, GUETTY

         SUN cannot guarantee reservation of the ordered articles and regrettably may have to refund  the order if

         the products are no longer in stock.


11.        Liability


         The GUETTY SUN Company does not accept responsibility for the customer’s access to the website,

         consultation, data entry, order placement, delivery, or any other service beyond the general contract of sale.


         Consequently, GUETTY SUN has no liability for any possible disadvantages or damage inherent in the use of

         the Internet, beyond precautions taken by GUETTY SUN.


         GUETTY SUN does not accept responsibility for any disturbance in the supply of the service, any intrusion

         caused by external influences or agencies, or the presence of computer viruses.


         GUETTY SUN is a limited liability company and is legally protected from any responsibility in matters

         beyond its contract and control. All rights are reserved.


12.        Intellectual property      


         All the elements of the GUETTYSUN.COM website, whether they are visual or audio, including underlying

         technology, are protected by copyright law. They are the exclusive property of GUETTY SUN.


         Any hyperlink or attachment to the GUETTYSUN.COM website, including using framing, deep-linking,

         in-line linking or any other techniques is strictly prohibited.


         Any attachment, even if expressly authorised, must be withdrawn on the request of GUETTY SUN.


 13.        Data storage


          GUETTY SUN reserves the right to collect personal data relating to the users of the site, in particular by the

          means of “cookie” aimed to article 8 (France). For this purpose, site GUETTYSUN.COM is declared at the

          CNIL under the number: 1375313 (France).


          GUETTY SUN reserves the right to pass on data collected on its site for commercial purposes. In all cases

          and in accordance with the law n ° 78-17 of January 6th, 1978 (France), any user or customer of the site

          may  at any time withdraw their permission for the commercial use and profit-making of the collected data.  

          Customers also have the right of access, correction and suppression of all data relating to her/him...


 14.        Private viewings and sales


             Products marketed as “private sales (or viewings) of GUETTY SUN” are available only to Members of the
             “Guetty Sun Privilege Club”, with a valid email address and a password
GUETTY SUN SARL - 44 chemin de la joute - 91090 LISSES (FRANCE)
Tél : +33 (0) 4 93 27 08 76 / +33 (0)6 85 93 13 44

Fax : +33 (0)1 64 97 27 94


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